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FIFA 15 Prizes igned by Neuer and Messi

The FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook is giving fans the chance to win copies of EA SPORTS FIFA 15 signed by Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer! Buy FIFA 15 Coins Serviceon UTfifa15coins.com
During his visit to the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014, FIWC champion August Rosenmeier personally handed Messi and Neuer copies of FIFA 15 for the PlayStation4. The Argentina Captain and Germany No. 1 signed the copies right in front of August, and now, we’re offering them as prizes to the FIWC community!
FIFA 15 2
Do you have your heart set on a copy of FIFA 15 signed by the adidas Golden Ball winner for Brazil 2014? Maybe you prefer a copy of the game signed by the current FIFA World Cup Champion and Bayern Munich star? Aim for your favourite prize or compete in both contests to maximise your chances of winning!
Contest prizes
The prize for the first contest in February is a copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 15 for PlayStation4 signed by Lionel Messi.
The prize for the second February contest is a copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 15 for PlayStation 4 signed by Manuel Neuer.
This is your chance to own an incredible piece of football memorabilia. Visit the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook now to join the contests! Visit the FIWC Facebook Contest Terms and Conditions page for more information.
Munich is on the horizon! Season 5 of online qualification for FIWC 2015 is currently underway. Don’t miss out on your chance to qualify for the Grand Final, where 20 lucky gamers will get to experience Munich during the final tournament to decide the next world champion of virtual football.

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